Eurasian Association

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The EA Youth Committee comprises Eurasian youths from the ages of 17 – 35 years old. Through a diverse range of activities and events, the EA Youth Committee seeks to: (i) Help Eurasian youths to develop to their fullest potential and realise their aspirations; (ii) Strengthen the bonds of friendship among Eurasian youths and sense of belonging to the Eurasian community; and (iii) Build a pool of young Eurasian leaders with a strong sense of purpose to the community.

Youth Sub-Committee Members

  1. Christopher Gordon (Chairperson)
  2. Jordan Isac
  3. Danni Jay
  4. Andrew Pang
  5. Viaano Spruyt
  6. Nathaniel Lim
  7. Noel Longue
  8. Andre Frois
  9. Hannah Hendriks
  10. Jared Bateman
  11. Farzanah Friday
  12. Varian Monteiro
  13. Leann Ow
  14. Sunil Rao
  15. Darshini Santhanam

Youth Development

Mentorship Programme 2018

The Youth Sub-Committee puts together a comprehensive series of workshops to help young Eurasians maximise their potential and achieve their aspirations. These workshops are conducted by experienced professionals. To find out more about the various programmes, please click here.

Young Eurasian Leaders’ Programme

The Young Eurasian Leaders’ Programme seeks to help young people build their character, discover their purpose, equip them, develop their ability to communicate in a team of peers, and to provide a platform for them to exercise their unique abilities. To find out more about the various sessions, please click here.


Dialogue sessions are organised for youth to engage with key thought leaders and decision makers to discuss some of the key issues and challenges facing Singapore. Topics for discussion include the Singapore identity, racial harmony, security in Singapore and more. The dialogue sessions also serve as an opportunity to meet with Eurasian youth and find out more about their perspectives and interests.

Social Events

We organise social gatherings to strengthen the bonds of friendship among Eurasian youth and their sense of belonging to the Eurasian community. Such events allow youth to form deeper connections with one another through shared experiences.

If you are keen to register for any of the youth events or to find out more, please contact or call 6447 1578 (ext 212).