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Self-Help Groups (SHGs) Centre

The Self-Help Groups Centre (SHGs Centre) is a collaboration of the four Self-Help Groups: the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), Eurasian Association (EA), Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) and Yayasan MENDAKI (MENDAKI).

Besides providing a common space for the different races to bond and integrate, the SHGs Centre will also organise programmes to serve all ethnic groups, such as educational programmes for students and talks and workshops for parents. Each SHG will also conduct programmes specifically to meet the needs of their communities.

In addition, the SHGs will also provide an Activity Fee Subsidy (of up to 90%) to eligible students from low-income families to attend educational programmes conducted by the centre.

Programmes Offered

• English, Mathematics, Science and ICT Enrichment Programmes
• kidsREAD Programme
• Holiday Programmes

Self-Help Groups-run (SHGs-run) Programmes

Besides the Centre-run programmes, each SHG would also organise SHGs-run programmes targeting at its community.

Code in the Community

Code in the Community is a multi-year, multi-level computer science (CS)/STEM education program sponsored by Google, the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), The Eurasian Association (EA), MENDAKI and SINDA, to nurture the next generation of Singaporean innovators/inventors. This programme helps diverse young Singaporeans (e.g. gender, age, ethnicity), especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, develop computational/CS skills and inspire them — and their parents — to pursue a future career in technology.

For more information about this program, please click here.

MDIS Scholarship

The primary objective of the MDIS Education Trust Fund is to support needy and deserving students who have financial difficulties in pursuing their education in Singapore. The MDIS Education Trust Fund does not receive any funding from the government and the awards are made possible solely by the kind contributions of well-wishers and surpluses from MDIS.

MDIS Scholarships (Pre-Degree) are awarded through the self-help groups and other organisations like HomeTeamNS, Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), People’s Association (PA), Singapore Armed Forces Reservists Association (SAFRA) and Tamils Representative Council (TRC).

NEU PC Plus Programme

The NEU PC Plus Programme is an initiative by Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) with the aim to build an all-inclusive digital society where needy students can have equal access to info-comm.

The Programme offers students from low-income households and disabled people a brand new computer bundled with 3 years of free broadband access and software at an affordable price. To find out more about this programme, click here.

In line with the current COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures, we encourage all applicants to apply online. Please submit your applications with relevant documents to the school’s administrator or to EA at

For MOE-FAS Students, please complete this application form.

For Non MOE FAS Students, please complete this application form.

Collaborative Tuition Programme

The Collaborative Tuition Programme (CTP) in an initiative started in 2002 and jointly launched by the four self-help groups. With the CTP, students from the different communities will have the opportunity to gain access to affordable tuition classes, especially those from low-income families. CTP is held in close to 70 centres island-wide and this number is steadily growing.

We encourage students to join the CTP and tap on this resource to aid them with their English, Mathematics and Science subjects.  It is offered to school children whose families have a per capita income of $800 and below.

Homework Supervision Programme

The Homework Supervision Programme (HSP) was launched in 2015. Its objective is for older youths who are pursuing tertiary education to be a mentor to younger students in primary and secondary levels. They assist the younger students with their homework.

The HSP aims to develop the mentee’s confidence and motivation in both academic and non-academic areas.

To find out more information about any of the above-mentioned Education Programmes, please contact Ms. Vini at or call 6447 1578 (ext 212).