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The Eurasian Association is home to the Eurasian Heritage Centre which comprises 3 heritage galleries:

The Eurasian Showcase (Level 1) – (Closed from (CLOSED FROM 1 OCTOBER 2018 TILL 30 JUNE 2019)

Learn about the history and culture of Eurasians in Singapore, including prominent Eurasians who contributed to our nation.

Roots of Our Community (Level 4) – (CLOSED FROM 1 OCTOBER 2018 TILL 30 JUNE 2019)

Delve into the roots of Eurasians in Singapore; the Europeans (Portuguese, Dutch, British, others) and their influence on our society through trade and inter-marriage.

World War II – The Eurasians Story (Level 4) – (CLOSED FROM 1 OCTOBER 2018 TILL 30 JUNE 2019)

This exhibit encapsulates and shares accounts from Eurasians who lived through and survived World War II, as well as the untold stories of Bahau.

The Eurasian Experience Tour

The Eurasian Experience Tour @ Eurasian Heritage Centre is a collaboration between The Eurasian Association Singapore and Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant. The learning journey tours are catered for groups of all ages, from schools and organisations.

Visitors will immerse in the Eurasian culture, learning about the origins, history, lifestyle and contributions of the Eurasian community, through the guided tour of the three galleries, viewing of and participation in a traditional Eurasian folk dance, sampling of a Eurasian delicacy, cooking demonstrations and lunch. We offer a variety of tour packages.

Eurasian Heritage Programmes

Besides tours to the Eurasian Heritage Centre, the Eurasian Association Singapore reaches out to and shares the Eurasian culture with the wider community by setting up Eurasian Heritage Booths, conducting Eurasian Heritage Sessions/Talks/Dance Workshops and providing Eurasian Dance Performances at schools and organisations. Rental of the Traditional Portuguese Eurasian Dance Costume is also available at the Eurasian Community House.

To find out more, please download the comprehensive Eurasian Heritage Programmes Brochure which includes information on The Eurasian Experience Tour.

Eurasian Heritage Centre
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Tuesday – Sunday
9am – 6pm
(Closed on Monday)

To make a booking for
The Eurasian Experience Tour
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Eurasian Heritage Programmes
please contact Jacqueline at 6447 1578 (ext 202) or

The Eurasian Association
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