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A Taste of Eurasian Heritage is a celebration of Eurasian culture through cuisine, featuring Executive Chef Quentin Pereira.

During Singapore Food Festival (SFF) 2018, a special Eurasian Bento will be offered, including Eurasian favourites such as Curry Debal (containing chicken and pork), Prawn Bostador and Meaty Cutlets (corned beef cutlets), with steamed rice and sambal belachan (a must with Eurasian food!).

After a tour of the Eurasian Heritage Centre, Chef Quentin Pereira will be conducting a cooking demonstration of the Meaty Cutlets especially for SFF participants. And there will be a Eurasian craft booth selling items (made from crocheting, knitting and tatting) and cookbooks, as well as a photo corner for visitors to take a souvenir photo with Eurasian props and backdrop.

To register on enquire on A Taste of Eurasian Heritage under Singapore Food Festival 2018, please contact Jacqueline at 6447-1578 ext 202 or