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The welfare branch of the EA, the Family Support Services (FSS) helps underprivileged Singapore Eurasians get through the hardships of life’s unforeseen circumstances through various programmes and funds. The FSS aims to help FSS clients build self-confidence and self-reliance so they can eventually stand on their own two feet. Friends of the FSS deliver monthly food ration and basic necessities to homes of underprivileged Eurasians. Many of them use their own transport at zero cost to the EA. The FSS also provides counseling, case mentorship, befriending programmes, job seeking assistance, and home/hospital visits.

The corner-stone of our service to the Community is our Family Support Service (FSS), the brain-child of our ex-President, the late Mr. Bryan Davenport.

FSS provides sufficient assistance, service and hope to the elderly, families at risk and those experiencing economic distress or financial difficulties.

FSS Provides

Information on Social, Welfare Scheme Available in Singapore – Referral Centre

  • to other Family and Social Welfare Agencies (e.g. CDCs, MCYS)
  • Assistance with Employment / Training and Retraining (WDA)

Financial Assistance Schemes

  • Basic Financial Assistance
  • Beyond Financial Assistance, Emergency Funds

Rations and Supplies

Coaching and Counseling

  • Home / Hospital Visits

Outreach to Families with Children

  • To highlight the importance of Education and increase awareness of schemes and awards


  • Mentorship, Networking, Befrienders,
  • Social and Community Bonding
  • Medical  Screening
  • Staff training
  • Volunteer Management