Eurasian Association

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To Enrich the legacy of our Cohesive and Vibrant Eurasian Community that is integrated with and Contributing to a Multi-ethnic, Multi-religious and Multi-cultural Singapore.

Core Values

Our core values for the Association – Pride, Humility, Integrity, and Excellence.

  • Pride for the Community
  • Humility in our Actions
  • Integrity in our Conduct
  • Excellence in our Social Responsibility for the Community through Education, Family
  • Support, and Community Bonding Programmes.

Our Goals

  • To Increase Resources for the Promotion of Education in the Community.
  • To Further Improve the Family Support Services for the Elderly, Families at Risk and Those in Need of Welfare.
  • To increase our EA membership.
  • To engage more Members to participate in projects and programmes beneficial for the Community and Society.


  • To promote the economic, social, cultural, physical and intellectual advancement of all Eurasian Singaporeans and Eurasian Permanent Residents.
  • To co-ordinate projects for the advancement of Eurasians in Singapore and to undertake public education and awareness programmes for them.
  • To initiate, organize and manage self-help and relief schemes to enhance the quality of the lives of Eurasians in Singapore.
  • To promote the education of Eurasians in all fields and at all levels of education and to participate and assist in educational programmes and undertakings to raise their educational level.
  • To do all such things that are in furtherance of the above objects or any of them.

EA’s Three Main Pillars

To advance the academic achievement of all Eurasian students and continue to encourage academic excellence to further the education goals of the Association

Family Support Services
To provide assistance and guidance to needy Eurasians, especially the elderly and families at risk.

Community Development
To promote stronger bonds and build synergy within the Eurasian community and with the Singapore community through EA’s various projects and programmes.