Eurasian Association

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Janeiro Savio Beins-Au

For my artwork, I used words to create the Eurasian Association logos. The words used describe the Eurasian Community. The background is the colour of the sun signifying that the Eurasian Community will have a bright future for the years to come. I coloured the logo on the left thein blue to signify Water and represents that we will have a smooth future like water running through smoothly in rivers. The logo on the right is the colour of a seedling which signifies how the Eurasian Community is still young even at 100 Years old this year and we look forward to more accomplishments in the next few years.

Isobel Dugdale

The Dance of the Devil Curry
I have drawn the tantalising dish, Devil Curry, surrounded by Eurasian dancers. The fluidity and movement of the dancers shows a love of dance. The vibrant colours of the Devil Curry reflect the vibrancy of the dancers’ costumes in real life. Eurasians love dancing and they love food too. My drawing shows what means a lot to the Eurasian community and what we are known for.

Beins Florabelle Janine Savina

Dancing in the rain symbolises that one has learnt to persevere through struggles and reach their full potential. They don’t just wait for bad things in their life to go away, instead, they have a positive attitude and take challenges head on and enjoy the journey. The Umbrella signifies the Eurasian Association and its shelter and protection; an emblem of dignity. Gold/Black signifies the hundredth anniversary. The girl’s silhouette represents the Eurasian Community. Rainbow symbolizes peace and serenity. Beautiful things often follow the darkest storms. I try to breathe life into my culture so that its ideas are displayed on my paper.

Rowena Joy Eber

My artwork is about the Eurasian Culture, Heritage and Values. The Building on the left is the Eurasian Community House in Singapore. The Building on the right is the Penang Eurasian Association. The two buildings are put together to form one building. The building represent the fact that Eurasians are united by heart and not by place. At the bottom right, there are two people dressed in traditional Portuguese-Eurasian costumes. They represent the Culture, History of Eurasians, Happiness and Harmony. They also represent excellence in our social responsibilities for the Community through Education, Family Social Support and Community Bonding programmes. The Eurasians’ pride for the Community, humility in our actions and integrity in our conduct. The blue ribbon represents how far the Eurasians have come and our legacy. In a nutshell, this artwork is showing how Eurasians are connected by heart and that we will rise higher to fulfil greater dreams.