Eurasian Association

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Event Volunteers

The Eurasian Association is now looking for volunteers to assist in supporting our events. The events are learning workshops, fundraising and a variety of community activities. We hope by recruiting more volunteers, we could build a more cohesive and vibrant Eurasian community that integrates with and contributes to the success of a multi-racial Singapore. If you are interested to volunteer some of your precious time to the community, we will be very pleased to welcome you. Please call 6447 1578 for more information. We look forward to your kind support.

Call for Volunteers

A SHOUT OUT for more volunteers who would like to assist in visiting our elderly and spending an afternoon with them, especially those living on their own. It could be just helping them with their groceries, taking a stroll or just offering a listening ear. Come volunteer as a family, it can be a heart-warming experience! For more information, contact the Family Support Services at 64471578 or e-mail